Dr. Cedrick Spears | Blessed, Bold, And Brilliant Quotes for Your Soul
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Blessed, Bold, And Brilliant Quotes for Your Soul

About This Project

These quotes were first prepared as daily motivational posts to inspire my family, friends, and followers on Facebook. After being reminded of these quotes through FB memories/reminders over the past 10 years of posting these God inspired quotes, after some re-reading and thinking, it seemed that these quotes would be helpful in a devotional coupled with scriptures and prayers to help others who are going through difficult times or simply looking to be inspired and motivated. Thus in following the traditional pattern of scripture, powerful quote, and impactful prayer, I know this 90 day devotional will tremendously enhance, bless, and invigorate the readers lives.

This devotional addresses traditional and nontraditional aspects about Deity as an attempt to move away from the understanding of Divinity as an outside source of power to an inside source of power that is dwelling within all who choose to believe. Traditionally the supernatural power of God comes into our lives through revelation about how we should believe. However, the pages in this book are designed to help you shift the source of responsibility to yourself coming to the realization that the Omnipotent power of God is already working within our own mind, emotions, and inner decision-making self. This devotional will help you to recognize and acknowledge that the presence of God is with you, working within you and around you today and forever more. Be blessed, be bold, and be brilliant through this 90 day devotional.

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